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Posted: 08-06-2006 08:53
by xiller8r
Messy wrote: Oh well..I doubt he's going to be playing it when he returns :D

What about you Dave? ^^;

I've actually played a few 2.4 pickups the past few days, and I must say it's nowhere near as bad as people have said.

It certainly takes some adjusting, but I've not been doing too badly.

Posted: 09-06-2006 08:53
by BrinGer
yeh you just need to play it, im still getting used to it and i play like 3 pickups each night

Posted: 09-06-2006 11:16
by Fragger
Needs less come backs

ps: hi Panda

Posted: 09-06-2006 11:16
by Panda
Fragger wrote: Needs less come backs

ps: hi Panda

Oh snap!

Posted: 20-06-2006 21:49
by Onge
Fragger wrote: Needs less come backs

ps: hi Panda

Well I was gonna make a come back of my own, but if Fragger is still here I won't bother. ;)

Posted: 22-06-2006 16:49
by Fragger
Good, needs less sycophants too

Posted: 24-06-2006 13:12
by Onge
They thrown you out of the army yet Fragger? Not that the Swiss even need an army, being a nation of fence-sitters...

Posted: 24-06-2006 13:31
by GoldenGun
onge join #dbpickup

asap. thank you <3

Posted: 25-06-2006 19:07
by Messy
Onge wrote: a nation of fence-sitters...

Of course it'd be much easier if they were on an island ;)

Posted: 27-06-2006 15:59
by Shigeru
Weee, I also came back \o/

Let's hold hands Panda

Posted: 27-06-2006 16:03
by RaGe|DB

Posted: 28-06-2006 09:23
by Dubloon
Well it has been a while... thought i would just read up on whats going on here. Guess ill need to start downloading all the stuff again >_<

btw its Dazlin, my Hotmail decided to be a retard and not work and i have forgotten my Forums password :(

Posted: 28-06-2006 11:08
by Messy
You got Dazzled!

Posted: 28-06-2006 12:58
by Titanium
hi2u dazzy \o/

Posted: 28-06-2006 14:01
by Dubloon
Get some public games up please! :< i was on a server with 3 people that have never played before, start spamming more UT2004 forums, that should work :p