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It's Been A While!

Posted: 06-06-2006 16:37
by Panda
How many are still playing DB?

Posted: 06-06-2006 17:37
by Morning*Star
About say .. 30? More in NA too since there is still a league going.

Posted: 06-06-2006 17:38
by DavidM
30? more imo :o

Posted: 06-06-2006 18:03
by BrinGer
quite alot of people have started comming back, including myself even some new faces are showing up again! :)

Posted: 06-06-2006 19:22
by Titanium
i want you and mongeh back.

Posted: 06-06-2006 20:23
by Panda
Mongeh? I'll have a word with him.

DeathBall Episode Four: The FCU Strikes Back... Possibly

Posted: 06-06-2006 20:26
by Messy
More like Episode Fiftyfive (or schfiftyfive).. much has happened :D

I installed DB on Phil's computer months ago, but he probably uninstalled as soon as I left =(

Posted: 06-06-2006 20:33
by Panda
Haven't even had UT installed on mine since I stopped playing DeathBall. I'd love to start playing again if there was a resurgence of players.

Posted: 06-06-2006 20:35
by BrinGer
Panda if yourselve and a few others start playing again, im sure more will follow, were trying to get a Clanbase ladder up and going to boost activity! sign the petition please :)

Posted: 06-06-2006 20:37
by Panda
Sure thing! Where's the petition?

Posted: 06-06-2006 21:08
by GoldenGun
welcome back panda o/

Posted: 06-06-2006 21:13
by Titanium

Posted: 07-06-2006 12:57
by xiller8r
Oh my, the panda :) And lars, phil had db installed at the i-series still.

Posted: 07-06-2006 15:27
by Messy
Oh well..I doubt he's going to be playing it when he returns :D

What about you Dave? ^^;

Posted: 07-06-2006 20:06
by BrinGer
Hurry up and come back! :(