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deathball messed up my settings

Posted: 04-07-2006 00:56
by bigbob
When ever I enter my deathball server and I go to adjust my setting I find that I have an all new settings menu which is really cool. But when i leave that game type on the server and join a new gametype I still have my deathball setting and I can not access my default settings menu. Also a lot of my setting are off forexample music and sounds and I can not access my default setting to adjust them. Is there a way this can be fixed for the server?

Posted: 04-07-2006 11:35
by DavidM
uhm sir. you chall not "activate" it in ut2004.
dont touch ut2004 at all.
just start "play deathball.cmd"

Posted: 04-07-2006 23:30
by bigbob
so i can not host a 2004 server with death ball in it? If I made a deathball server it can only be deathball not other gametypes?

Posted: 05-07-2006 03:54
by Messy
Your best bet is to wait for Imaginos to answer on server hosting issues.

Might have wanted to post in the Deathball Servers thread then? ;)

Posted: 27-07-2006 14:22
by Imaginos
Howdy. There's ways to easily combine Deathball and other mods on servers, but on the client itself it is a little trickier.
To use the Deathball client menus, you must run your UT2004 in the way epic recommends: with the -mod=modname switch.
I'll meet ya in the server subforum.