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2.4g thread

Posted: 11-08-2006 12:27
by DavidM
Deathball 2.4g full exe (44mb)

Deathball Update from 2.4d,e,f to 2.4g (1,2mb)

(Installation: Unzip to /ut2004/deathball/system/)

Changes from 2.4e to 2.4g
  1. New Fire mode. Hold Altfire, then click Fire to release it.
    (it's the same as the "rmb without lock" in 2.4d and 2.4e)
    Hence the RMB-without-Lock is back to normal (2.4c and before)
    Also this mode is being shaken (like Fire...unlike Altfire)
    (no more yellow "catch" msg)
    (doesn't slow you down anymore)
    And RMB-without-lock is back to what it was before 2.4d
  2. No more deflected balls going through players. They all deflect in proper angles now.
  3. No more shaking after dying
  4. Keeper double hammer fire rate working
    (BUG: It has an effect on gameplay, but you don't hear/see it yourself yet)

    1. You can select any UT2004 model
      (fixed model/skin problems with deathball-model)
    2. Added happy gimmick. Let's see who finds it first. (Doesn't affect gameplay)
      Players affected by it are: Croaker, DavidM, Goldeneye, Ballbreaker, Elica, Kermet, Heine, Messy, Rico, Mikeyman, Suddendeath, Oldie, Fivebagger, GFK, Termi, LeC, Aoz, Catalyst, Titanium, DI

      (I can add more on request, if you submit proper ideas, but first find out what the gimmick is.)
    3. Bug: default camera in replays is screwed up.
    4. Menu backgrounds black, to see text better

      If you update, you don't need to delete any files, and you can use your old .ini's

      This version was produced by
      Goldeneye - Coding
      Croaker - Croaking (as in coding)
      DavidM - Cracking the Whip

Posted: 11-08-2006 13:08
by Messy
Yarr! \o/ <3

Defence should seem so much more fair ;)

(deflection, rmb-shaking \o/)

Posted: 11-08-2006 13:28
by Ker]v[et
gimmick's as in the messages for some known players when they join a server? \o/

gj @ coding guys ( <3 Goldy)

I think the:

"Hence the RMB-without-Lock is back to normal (2.4c and before)
Also this mode is being shaken (like Fire...unlike Altfire)"

could be a bit to hard in opposite to 2.4e, but we'll have to test that out for a longer time^

PS: i wonder how the cam got screwed up with that changes :(

Posted: 11-08-2006 14:11
by EliCA
Nice job \o/

Re: 2.4g thread

Posted: 11-08-2006 14:47
by Shigeru
Messy wrote: Yarr! \o/ <3

Defence should seem so much more fair ;)

(deflection, rmb-shaking \o/)
Why? The RMB holding + shooting with LMB (like the old 'normal' RMB) doesn't shake, so you can still abuse it as in 2.4e

Posted: 11-08-2006 15:15
by DavidM
that's simply not true, what you just said.

Posted: 11-08-2006 15:17
by DoMmeh``
nice :o
i like the models most ^^

Posted: 11-08-2006 15:54
by Ker]v[et
just a hint:

make soure you have no deathball.u filesi n your UT2k4/System direcotry, or you will got version missmatches even if you got the right one installed :-p

Posted: 11-08-2006 16:24
by DavidM
welcome to 3 years ago kerm :o

Posted: 11-08-2006 16:49
by The_One
Roll on 3.0. Good to see things moving.

Posted: 11-08-2006 17:09
by T3rm1n4T0r
It's actually T3rm1 not Termi!

Posted: 11-08-2006 17:19
by DavidM
what if I mean termi? \o

Posted: 12-08-2006 00:51
by fb.shev
DavidM wrote: what if I mean termi? \o

then you're a drunk bastard

Posted: 12-08-2006 01:26
by DavidM
are you on a drunk forum-tour, with failed attempts at jokes in every thread you see?

Posted: 12-08-2006 13:39
by cY|riCo
hey guys calm down...
aren't we supposed to discuss about the new version?
I really like all the changes. the only thing which is kinda confusing is the refire.