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Posted: 19-12-2007 22:57
by Orney
MaXy`` wrote: nope, we all play WoW now

Nah i dont play WoW anymore. :D

Posted: 31-12-2007 16:37
by Larc
I'm not dead yet...
wow got me, i may escape. i may ut3. stopped by here to see if there was any word of db ut3 :)

Posted: 05-01-2008 17:47
by InSaNe`
There really isn't Larc. Just drop by #radical on quakenet

We're playing 2k4 2.3 DB and it's kinda fun actually hah.

Posted: 30-03-2008 20:02
by BL44T
omg insane.

Posted: 31-03-2008 08:49
by xiller8r

Posted: 20-05-2008 00:09
by PayLay
omg, it seems my old account is still banned :p

god i miss the old days, i miss the scoring sound the most tbh's.

Sometimes when im out with friends i talk about the deathball days and they all look at me strange ev en more so when i tell about the goal sound and try to imitate it :D

Posted: 17-11-2008 06:23
by uberslacker


Posted: 18-11-2008 04:28
by FartCannon
im alive :D

Posted: 20-11-2008 20:27
by XiD

Posted: 22-11-2008 02:37
by Lougie
xid hello m8 and sane hai!

Posted: 05-12-2008 16:49
by XiD
omfg hai lou :OOOOOOOOOO LONG time no see

Posted: 06-12-2008 18:37
by umpaidh
Is deathball still around? or is it dead now. Also, anyone play L4D?

Posted: 27-12-2008 18:34
by k05pf
still alive and playing left4dead ... steam ID: k05pf