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Is anyone alive?

Posted: 07-09-2007 09:01
by InSaNe`
Well fuck. I started playing UT as a kid and I'm 21 now hah.

I was just browsing youtube and I searched up deathball for some reason and I saw a horrible presentation of DB by DavidM (gg davidm) and I just decided to pay a visit I suppose.

I'm on IRC now and it appears to be completely dead. I really miss the good ole days, had alot of fun on this game.

Sooooooo I've gotta thank DavidM for the wonderful experience since I doubt I'll revisit anytime soon.

Hope everyone's doing well! <3 you all.

Posted: 07-09-2007 13:02
by MaXy``
nope, we all play WoW now

Posted: 08-09-2007 13:34
by DoMmeh``
evry1 asking if its alive =D

u just need to stay for about a week and then make your own oppinion. the old days wont ever come back i guess. but u cant say its dead if you visit 1 time and then tehres no activity, give it some time

Posted: 08-09-2007 16:17
by cY|riCo
well, we have about 4-8 3on3`s each day and sometimes we play 4on4 or 5on5. Its not dead at all, in general you can play alot at the main shedules :)

na db is dead so...

Posted: 09-09-2007 13:38
by The_One
I hope it doesn't die any time soon as I want to get into it again. :-)

Posted: 10-09-2007 16:07
by :-)
Hopefully the UT3 version will restore the community to its old glory.

Posted: 11-09-2007 17:30
by mephistophel
There wont be one afaik

apparently you cant even dodge jump in it x_X

Posted: 15-09-2007 00:05
by Messy
I sure would miss the dodge jump in DB..

Posted: 16-09-2007 01:58
by mephistophel
sucks for keeps and davidms 24ft goals.

Posted: 16-09-2007 13:24
by RaGe|DB
fuckzors, db to ut3 and I cancel my social life!

Posted: 16-10-2007 00:51
by Fornoth

Posted: 16-10-2007 00:53
by Fooman
wuut, ut3 db plz

that would make db come back in NA

Posted: 16-11-2007 06:40
by InSaNe`
I love you too fr0n00b <3

And Foosux. Along with Texas.

Posted: 28-11-2007 18:12
by Shinobi
Get in IRC Amin. A lot of us got back to have some 2.3 action.

Posted: 28-11-2007 19:31
by y1