4 years later..

Everything about Death Ball.

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Post by Imo » 29-07-2008 16:38

G'day NaB. What sort of business did you start up?

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Post by Holy_Surfing » 30-07-2008 13:20

I still sneak around sometimes :p

Reading familiar names brings back memories :) I guess alot has happened in these years to all of you as well... Still, everytime the word deathball springs in my mind I wonder how (different?) it would be to play a match again after all this time and a slim rush of adrenaline pumps into my mind again... It's an addictive feeling :p

I hope everyone's doing fine with their lifes... Cya around.

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Post by [1234]Jr » 31-07-2008 10:22


I've finished Uni, decided I hate my degree and 90% of the careers it'd get me, got an admin job in a hospital and going back to Uni sometime soon to do nursing.

Lifes... life! I miss the community, though, even if i was as popular as herpies. Twice as funny, though.

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Post by NaB » 03-08-2008 01:40

Imo wrote: G'day NaB. What sort of business did you start up?

Hi Imo, I opened a pharmacy in October, it consumes all my time!

Actually its not as bad now as it was when it first opened, I'm even toying with the idea of buying a copy of UT2k4 to see if anyone still plays DB anywhere. I've lost all my origional CDs so I dont have UT2k3 or 2K4 any more :(

Its great to see the names posting replies in this thread, It shows how much fun DB really was for everyone that people still pop into the forum every now and then to see whats going on.

If there is talk of BD going stand alone then i'm all for it, as long as the gameplay is completely changed then I would certainly give it a go.

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Post by The_One » 03-08-2008 12:18

You mean isn't completely changed, right? :D

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Post by Morning*Star » 04-08-2008 22:27

Seems so long ago now being a DB regular

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Post by moonhead » 05-08-2008 14:55

lol hello everyone, hello imo, over 5 years since registered here

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Post by NaB » 10-08-2008 20:50

Just installed UT2k4 and DB and had a look to see what was out there. About half a dozen empty servers and one locked one with 6 people in it.

Is that about right these days?

What a shame, 2.4 seems a decent version too. I noticed some changes since I last played, mainly in where the ball goes after a goal or when it goes out of play. I imagine they are beneficial changes.

Hey Star

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Post by Orney » 11-08-2008 00:03

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Post by FireCell » 11-08-2008 11:23

Hello everyone,

I recently decided to have a quick browse of these forum and this thread is already here! I know its a DB forum but just wondering if anyone still plays ET as well? Hope everyone's lives are going well :)

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Post by Onge » 11-08-2008 20:01

Nice to see some familiar names on here. I do miss those heady DB days of yesteryear, especially Imo's terrible goalkeeping on the own goal challenge. Maybe it'll come full circle and we'll all be on the killing fields again before too long...

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Post by Cenotaph » 12-08-2008 04:57

no death in db anymore? snif :'( it was always fun to gib someone, i guess it doesnt change the experience that much but it was... fun!


anyway 1234 public server, those were the days, imo

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Post by Larc » 12-08-2008 09:51

still not dead yet

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Post by Catalyst » 12-08-2008 23:08

I've got a first class degree and I'm working in the games industry. Life is bloody fantastic ;)

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Post by :-) » 18-08-2008 21:14

I'm an alcoholic!