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4 years later..

Posted: 09-07-2008 22:11
by NaB
I've not played DB for nearly 4 years now, are you guys really still around?!

I can see some of the old names posting on this forum within the past few months, is there really still a community?

Buying a house getting married and starting a business have completely killed off my gaming time but I still get the itch to play DB every now and then, I'd love to pull on my old shirt and play a game for the good old days!

If I wanted to play again what would I need? Presumably you guys dont use UT2k3 any more, and I dont have time to find out for myself!

Hi to anyone who I played with and remembers who I am, it was a pleasure.

Take it easy

Posted: 11-07-2008 23:19
by DavidM
Tons of oldskools here!
When you look here under the download you see what you need:


Posted: 17-07-2008 20:40
by RexTalon
I honestly can't remember the last time I played DB, but I know it's been more than 4 years. It was always fun and I may need to reinstall the old version and get going again.

My recent purchase of UT3 has the juices flowing again.

But I've been reading about your stand alone version and I have to say that I'm not impressed. If you take the "death" out of DB I would never buy it. I would gladly support you with a donation if you decided to make a UT3 version, but cutting the guts out of the game just to make it PC so someone will produce it is fantastically lame.

Sorry, man. I love your game. I just don't love selling out to "the man". Stick to your guns. There are plenty of violent, gory games out there. DB should remain DB.

Posted: 18-07-2008 10:39
by The_One
Personally I never found death to be a core part of the experience.

As you say, there are a lot of gory games out there. Do we really need more? What's wrong with shooting (no pun intended :D) for a more mature tone?

Posted: 18-07-2008 22:30
by Instigator
Nab o/ be nice to play again, praps open up a 1.6/7 for old times sake eh\o/

Posted: 19-07-2008 14:17
by DavidM
I don't like how every friggin game out there is about killin' people. Something wrong in the minds of us brainwashed people, innit?

I don't want any violence, plus it doesn't change the gameplay experience.

Selling out would be the opposite.

Posted: 19-07-2008 17:07
by DI
Hey NaB!

Nice to see ya again.
Maybe you don't remeber about me. I was just wondering how things were going with you. But I'm happy you are fine and wish you the best.
It's been so much time since that damn hot summer, 2003.
Yes, there are still some pieces of the old community in the channel and I'd like to play again with you.
As far as I can remember, you were the best sweeper I've ever seen and it'd be a pleasure to play again with you.


Posted: 22-07-2008 00:56
by JollyRulez
omg my old good friend NaB still alive!!! Damn, missing you mate!!! I hope to play again with ya mwhahaha, TEZC > all :p

Posted: 22-07-2008 14:00
by xiller8r
Afternoon all :)

Posted: 22-07-2008 18:01
by EliCA
Hi2u \o/

Posted: 22-07-2008 19:07
by DI
I want you all back :'(

Hi Xiller8r! ;)

Ciao Eliano! Spero che anche tu stia bene. :)

Posted: 23-07-2008 14:09
by JollyRulez
eli n44b, xill <3 :D

Posted: 23-07-2008 15:25
by Orney
omg Eli :D <3
nice to see u again!

I like DB because of the people and the Gameplay its not the violance and the "Death". i dont care if David set off the violance.
I belive in him, and i belive also Deathball will get interesting in standalone! \o/
btw <3 to see old players again, welcome back :p

Posted: 23-07-2008 20:37
by Rens2Sea
NaB, Jolleh, Eli, Xill! \o/
TEZC lives! :o

Posted: 25-07-2008 10:21
by TEZC-Rage
o_O something stirred my senses!!

Anyway, I'm still about, browsing from time to time. I think I played DB about a year ago at a LAN.. Just like playing on a PUB... which was great fun.

I'm becoming qualified to become a music producer now, so much of my time is on that, and getting ready for a wedding... my own! 4 weeks away! AND FINALLY to Andie!!!!

I like the idea of DB going standalone, and removing the death from deathball won't ruin it, esp. if it grabs the attention of publishers. Plus you can then slap a universal rating on it rather than it being a 15+ (not that shopkeepers care over here).

P.S If you want some music producing give us a shout!