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Bot Swap Mutator

Post by Goldeneye »

Know the way you can switch players in fifa? this enables something similar for deathball.

Grab it here .

Adding this mutator to a botmatch will allow you to swap controls with any bot of your team. There are two new commands:
mutate possess will make you possess the next bot, through all bots of your team
mutate possesstarget gives you control over the bot you're looking at

This is just a prototype to see if this kind of control change is usefull in deathball. Things like autochange player on pass, change to bot closest
to ball could probably be implemented if there was a need...

Anyways my impression while debugging the mutator was it's definitly a plus for botmatches although it's a bit confusing when switching as the bots tend to look into odd directions.

If you try it, please post some feedback here.

PS: this will not work online