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Rejuvenating the DB community...

Post by Armagon » 30-09-2003 22:39

Over the couple of months, I have noticed DB n00bs popping up, even in our aussie server. I think this is probably because of the honourable mention it received in the "Make Something Unreal" contest. About a week ago, I was still awake (2am) and just praccing on the training court in our DB server, when a couple of overseas players decided to join in. Both were n00bs, though one knew the basics.

I spent a solid half hour helping the other, Joker, learn the essentials of DB. Despite his lag, I saw considerable improvement in his form, and he seemed grateful enough for it.

OK so maybe this shows very little about the current status of DB, but even though these weren't local Australian players, it is a solid indicator that more people are entering the DB community.

If we want to see this community grow again, it is essential that people are ready to treat the newcomers with respect, and to give them an experience that they enjoy. One of the key things that will scare such players off, would be the VO servers.

I can accept that many of you enjoy playing VO games, but for many n00bs it is an intimidating situation as they are required to pick up on volleying quickly. Although with experience, it becomes easy, volleying is initially, difficult to do.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having VO servers. The problem is that too many people allow themselves to get frustrated by having n00b team mates who don't know what to do. I quote one player I saw in a VO server, when he was paired with a n00b.
FFS! If you can't play properly, go away!
This sort of thing is very discouraging for players, as I'm sure you are already aware. It is always good for a n00b player to be offered encouragement for just TRYING to do some things, even if he makes a complete flop of it. Just remember, we were all n00bs once too.

Some of you, will probably disagree with what I've said here. However, I have not said these words without reason or personal account, and so I stand firmly by my beliefs. Flame me if you will, but this is just my two cents.
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Post by The_One » 30-09-2003 23:15

Well of course people will agree with you.
It hardly needs a poll.

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Post by Armagon » 30-09-2003 23:20

I'm just trying to emphasise that if we want to see the DB community grow, NOW, is the time to take action.

Admittedly, I only put the poll up there because I was curious to see if anyone would actually disagree.

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Post by Lithinite » 01-10-2003 01:06

if you go into a VO game and have no idea what your doing to dont belong there... nuff' said. You play VO games to play a fast paced fun game, not to spend 20 minutes explaining the basics that can be found in the readme.

Servers that run VO should make a ban all list then make exceptions if thats possible. It would take a lot of work to setup at first but it would save a lot of people a lot of agrivation.

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Post by uberslacker » 01-10-2003 01:20

All that is needed is Just For Men©: The Rejuvenator!

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Post by Catalyst88 » 01-10-2003 01:35

Servers that run VO should clearly say so in the server name. How are newbs supposed to know what VO is let alone what servers run it and why at first? People need to be more tolerant I think. Anywho I agree with what that australian dude said :)

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Post by CorDawg » 01-10-2003 02:23

its not usually the older clanned players bashing the noobs,
its the good new players in the game, most of which have noot even been part of the community yet.

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Post by DiStUrbeD » 01-10-2003 04:52

to be honest, i didn't read it

as i dont feel like reading it

so your a fucking idiot!


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Post by YoYo789 » 01-10-2003 05:11

if you willingly enter a VO server, you are a fool.

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Post by DiStUrbeD » 01-10-2003 08:03

Do people know at all that no servers actually use the "Volley Only" setting incorporated into DB?

It is all based on the map. Nobody wants to be playing a volley only game on smallcube, just to have it go to cube due to the rotation and have to live with playing volley only on that one too.

Sure you can set the rotation to all volley only maps, but for some reason, they didnt code the touchdown into the volley only part as well =\

I know that's why nobody in NA uses it.

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Post by Cenotaph » 01-10-2003 13:52


coz i agree with you, but still you're a fucking moron :p


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Post by MeSSiaH{FCU} » 01-10-2003 14:13

Hmmz, maybe davidm (or epic:() shud add an option to somehow change server rules mid-game, or as the map is changed (and automatically), either written by the program and static, rules made up and sticking to the map (so sc max players goes to 4 automatically, vo on etc.) and/or a dynamic adminmenu-thingy in-game for the admin to change stuff, or voters to vote, and it being executed mid-match (of course this would not count for max player counts if already exceeded etc. etc.)

I'm sure u didnt understand that :p but meh..try reading it again ^^;

Anyway, this would help @ the problem disturbed just explained..either that or make 1 or 2 vo servers in the community :p with "Volley Only" or summit in the title, and only VO maps in the mapcycle and with a limited amount of players (nobody would want a 5on5 vo sc these days anymore would they? >_< s-s-s-s-s-s-sspamball!).

Also uhm..the bvar for volley only shud be fixed :p own goals and tds should be counted kthx ^^;

As for the n00b thing..there's hardly any time for explaining, and it IS very annoying since db is a team-game, and a chain is only as weak as it's weakest link ;), altho i do try to help if they are willing (i dont like a "SHUT UP I OWN YOU" for my efforts or summit like that, obviously), being able to speak english (otherwise it's reaaaally anoying and just utterly useless, in which case they should be reading the readme :p), and there aren't many ppl in the server =)

hmm..perhaps i shud bind "RTFM!"... O_o

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Post by Inphidel » 01-10-2003 15:28

like i said before. make the VO rule decided by the map creators. more often then not smaller maps have been created for volly only

you could try:

#1) coding in an option, where unreal looks in the map file for a defined flag (deathballmode=1) then goals are VO

#2) unreal looks for an invisible item present in the map and turns the goals volly only

#3) just code in another type of goal for the map makers to use, hell this might even be worth it for some other potential fun maps. say a normal sized goal that is VO and a small hole of a goal that you can just shoot it into over the goal for say 2 points instead of 1 ;)

but how about we fix the VO option so Touch Downs work haha or HomeRuns for davidm ;)

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Post by Coffin » 01-10-2003 17:13

DiStUrbeD wrote: Do people know at all that no servers actually use the "Volley Only" setting incorporated into DB?

Correct me if im wrong but i believe that one of the Gamesservers servers the one with mapvote enabled is volley only

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Post by h3r3tic » 01-10-2003 17:26

I agree and you MIGHT be able to find me on some servers again, and I hope 1.9 will release soon so I MIGHT get back to DB :)