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Anticipation thread for Smiley's map

Posted: 10-04-2005 20:38
by Imaginos
Coming soon?

Posted: 11-04-2005 15:59
by NoSexualFreak

Posted: 11-04-2005 19:55
by fro

any screens or a link would aid my anticipation

Posted: 12-04-2005 10:04
by `Ghost`

Posted: 13-04-2005 03:18
by Imaginos
Smiley was pretty fed up with the maps on the servers, I challenged him to make one. He said he would.

We might be a while waiting.. who needs a beer while I'm up?

Posted: 13-04-2005 10:01
by `Ghost`
I dont drink \o/ make that a small apple juice :p

Posted: 14-04-2005 22:24
by Messy
I'll take Ghost's :)

Posted: 14-04-2005 23:33
by Weisso
can't be any worsee then inph's maps

oh god cheap shot


Posted: 15-04-2005 00:25
by `Ghost`
oh whaaaaaaat! Inph's NADBL maps own!

Posted: 06-05-2005 12:22
by Messy
So where is it, smiley? :|

Posted: 06-05-2005 17:11
by `Ghost`
lol :D /me eagarly awaits more

Posted: 07-05-2005 15:14
by Imaginos
I'm thinking he may not be working very hard on it. It has been a while now.

Posted: 24-05-2005 21:10
by Messy
It'd be absolutely hilarious (or not :O) if he'd return with an absolutely amazing map that revives the community and heals skin cancer around the world .o/

Or maybe he won't /o\ but I'm still waiting!

Keep your hopes up.

Posted: 01-06-2005 19:06
by NoSexualFreak
you eagarly await for more apple juice... have a coffee :(

Posted: 02-06-2005 01:08
by Imaginos
He stepped up and shot me a copy of a map he calls DB-4096
It's hosted on BuD as the default map when the server is empty. I upped it to a redirect when he told me it was final and it wasn't.. so it's on my server as DB-4096v2

It's on the small side, 3vs3 is cozy on it, though he would prefer 5vs5. Have a peek.