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GreenBaize (The Billard Map?)

Posted: 22-03-2006 10:00
by Animefan2412
I am not 100% sure if the name is spelled right, but my question:

In an earlier version of the map where you played on a billard table with skeletons in the background with billard racks, there was only BILLARD BALLS on the map, they are GONE now.. :(

Is there anyone who has the earlier version of the map with balls on the map?

Id really like em back

Posted: 22-03-2006 22:39
by Imaginos
Obstacles kindof made the map a little gimmicky. Not to mention it intefered with the basic gameplay. I might have an old 1.9 version here somewhere.. I'll hunt for it.

edit - hmm. Not finding it where I thought I had it.