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Posted: 19-04-2006 04:37
by kratos

Posted: 19-04-2006 18:06
by Imaginos
This needs work and Twig noticed that you didn't seem to have built it in the editor correctly. I fired it up and I agree. You must start the editor with the same -mod=deathball command that you run the client with or some volumes will not be created properly.

Also, you're missing a texture.

Catch us in the BuD channel and we'll go over it with ya.

edit - heh! it's a facelift on NADBL3

Posted: 19-04-2006 18:46
by Twigstir
For deathball maps, start unrealed by clicking "start" on the windows desktop and using the "run" command. My run command line is:
C:\ut2004\system\unrealed.exe -mod=deathball

All textures and meshes that are not orginial ut2004 textures should be in the "My level" package.

As Imag said, look us up and we'll help you out. There is a bunch of little stuff.

Posted: 20-04-2006 00:03
by Shinobi
That's why it won't work in my server. gg me.

Posted: 21-04-2006 23:02
by Imaginos
I'm not sure what you meant when you said you checked the map previously and it was "all set".

Posted: 24-04-2006 18:14
by kratos
Imaginos wrote: I'm not sure what you meant when you said you checked the map previously and it was "all set".

Well, its all set know.. and working perfectly fine BW server :P

Posted: 24-04-2006 19:13
by Shinobi
You can download the map here:

But Kratos I think it needs to be fixed a lil still:

- the map is a lil too dark in my pov(the spotlights near the 2 nets can annoy keepers sometimes).

- the buildings look a lil weird.

- the banners need to be updated still(rush, ufo, bud, bw, [oil] and [table] are the current teams in the nadbl).

I'll host the map again when you fix it, just pm me.

Posted: 30-04-2006 16:34
by Imaginos
Is it on any redirects? If so, I hope you haven't used the 'final' name until it's truly final.

Posted: 30-04-2006 17:04
by Imaginos
Just had a very quick look.. yes, the buildings are all a placeholder texture, no skybox, nothing but some banners to tell you what goal is what, and god dammit.. Cam 1 and 2 are still inside or behind the goals.