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Posted: 30-04-2006 15:11
by fb.shev
OR BigCube?

davdim, now we can somehow get 14 players... time for a BigCube? :o Please

anyone else agree disagree?

Posted: 30-04-2006 16:36
by Imaginos
DB-BigLowCube.. heheh 8 on 8 was still a loooooong walk.

Posted: 30-04-2006 20:04
by `Ghost`
Bowl would be fine, imo

Posted: 09-05-2006 03:35
by DavidM
i made a mistake with biglowcube
i made it 4 times the size instead of 2 times :o

just actually the length of cube (8192) is maximum...otherwise the radar gets shrinked...and you cant play passes anymore and maybe not boost etc.
i can just make it widther for that reason

Posted: 09-05-2006 14:53
by Imaginos
Funny thing about biglowcube was the ball timing out before anyone can get to it.

Posted: 09-05-2006 15:07
by The_One
Although that's been addressed in 2.4 it would be good if the ball reset time could be user editable.

Posted: 09-05-2006 17:34
by Imaginos
I think it is. I've used it in 2.3 to control how long a ball sits outside a map before reset.


Posted: 09-05-2006 23:20
by The_One
Is that what that does? d'oh! I'm amazed more server admins never changed it from the 2.3 default. It was way too low.

Posted: 10-05-2006 04:05
by Imaginos
When you leave it high, it feels like nothing will happen. I tried to push it up a little, but even 15 seems a bit high. Well, on large maps it can go either way.