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DB-DuelCube (1on1)

Posted: 09-05-2006 12:46
by DavidM
A 1on1 map, inspired by Rino's map.
It's 4 different goals, when it's being scored in goal 1, it closes (on both sides) and goal 2 opens (etc). Except when you touchdown it stays open for one more round. 1.6mb

Goal 1 is a normal goal (just smaller)
Goal 2 is a carved out hole in the backwall of the huge pillar in front of the normal goal
Goal 3 are 2 (!) holes, one on the left, one of the right side of the big pillar.
Goal 4 is a hole in the floor in one corner.
Goal 5 is at the downside of a cube thats hanging down from the wall...including a slanty block below.
Goal 6 is a moving hole in the wall....moving to and fro

The map is on DBL2.

Posted: 09-05-2006 16:48
by DavidM
added goal 5 <3

Posted: 09-05-2006 17:36
by Imaginos
This the final version?

edit - nope. screenshot = smallcube. goal doors are triggered by replays and celebration shots. hmm.

Posted: 09-05-2006 20:37
by Desaster
Putting it on the Hinterhof now :)

Posted: 09-05-2006 21:18
by Ker]v[et
hey Deasaster, can u update the SmalcubeSE verison on thc server please .. afaik the old version is still on there

Posted: 09-05-2006 21:21
by DavidM
not final no....
fixing more bugs and adding stuff.

Posted: 09-05-2006 21:58
by Imaginos
Cams can use a little tweakage so they aren't behind pillars too.

Posted: 09-05-2006 22:08
by DavidM
maybe next version

added goal 6 and tweaked goal 5

that should be it now (except someone has a great idea for goal 7)

[still uploading if you read this right now...give it 10 minutes]

Posted: 09-05-2006 22:42
by Mr.Rino
Lol the goal 6 was my idea!

Posted: 09-05-2006 23:22
by The_One
Could you have the pillars appear and disappear? Or move? Maybe.

edit: Do you know the goals don't change if you score with a TD?

Posted: 10-05-2006 04:12
by Imaginos
I think they aren't spodda change on a TD. Unfortunately, they do change when you score during the celebration time.

Posted: 10-05-2006 04:40
by The_One
What possible rationale could there be for them not changing on a TD?

edit: just managed to have goals 1 and 2 open at the same time. The ball was trapped between the mover and the post of goal 1 after scoring. This led to the aforementioned problem.

I doubt this map will ever be bug free.

Posted: 10-05-2006 04:56
by Imaginos
Other than he wrote it that way?

Posted: 10-05-2006 07:08
by fro
Imaginos wrote: I think they aren't spodda change on a TD. Unfortunately, they do change when you score during the celebration time.

so if you score in goal 1, then in the celebration score in 2; they both close?

e: attempting to think from a mapping pov, its doable with a little scripting/fudging if thats the case

Posted: 10-05-2006 12:02
by fb.shev
goal 1, id like to TD in, goal 3, nooo way!, goal two would be horrible to try 2 times aswell.