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Post by Goldeneye » 06-05-2009 18:00

A Map with Throw-Ins and Corner Kicks.

Being annoyed a little by the increasing amount and effectiveness off wallspam -
be it intentional or random - i finally implemented some old concept for

The Ball goes out to the side - opposing team can get the ball passed by using
rmb, while the team that shot the ball out has to stay at some distance to the
ball. If the opposing team doesn't use the chance for a pass or takes the ball,
it will drop back into play.
For the sides and top the ball is played from a spot close to where it left the
field. If the ball leaves the field at a goal side, it will be relocated to a
corner for the attacking team or moved to the usual reset position for the
defending team (usually the penalty spot).

DB-ThrowIn.ut2 --> ut2004/deathball/maps
DB_ThrowIn.u --> ut2004/deathball/system
DB-ThrowIn.ucl --> ut2004/deathball/system

Start deathball, choose botmatch, choose map 'DB-ThrowIn', play.

Revision 1
Revision 2
Revision 3
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Post by CurvE » 06-05-2009 18:16

:/ things like this happen all the time, changing the face of db rules, taking a way of scoring out of the equation... davidm did this so much, I personally think the more ways to score the better....

Just learn how to defend against it tbh :p

But on the flipside, more ideas the better... so not knocking you before you say anything Goldeneye.

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Post by Goldeneye » 07-05-2009 01:07

Sure it's a change. But for the usual gameplay it's a mild one, especially as there still is a small wall left of sufficient height to allow wallpasses.
But it avoids the 1-man-shows of hitting the ball above all heads to a wall and you'll have to catch long passes to avoid the ball bouncing out of the field. You can't just shoot the ball in the direction of another player thinking if he can't catch it, it'll come back anyways. So the idea is to encourage teamplay and discourage spam and ego-ing. Which sounds good to me, eh?
Also it doesn't just remove options. It makes it easier to keep the enemy under pressure, as the defence or keeper can't just hit the ball away to catch it when it comes back from a wall or reset it to your keeper.

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Post by DavidM » 08-05-2009 22:53

My job was to avoid unfair tricks, that cannot be defended (you know we had lots like that). Proper stuff wasn't taken out... ♥

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Post by beefsack » 13-05-2009 08:15

Very interesting map idea, will try it out :)