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Posted: 13-10-2003 05:32
by CorDawg
[V3]Jew wrote: very nice

^^ oh man this map must be good!!!

Posted: 13-10-2003 07:26
by Armagon
Hehe, I've noticed that the only map jew hasn't said is crap is this one.
This is the only map that doesn't seem to offer any real change to the gameplay of DB. Coincidence?

Posted: 13-10-2003 10:53
by Fizzy
the textures need some work, other than that gg :)
id be willing to offer some texture help if any is needed

Posted: 13-10-2003 11:41
by Fizzy
the textures need some work, other than that gg :)
id be willing to offer some texture help if any is needed

Posted: 13-10-2003 14:07
by DJ.G.
/me thinks the ball should blow up if u hold onto it for too long :) or blow up when u score?

Posted: 13-10-2003 15:15
by UnrealKrake
NiCe MaP =) That's what the crowds wanna see :)

What about an Cartoon HUD. Sounds very difficult, but in fact some little things can be changed very easily. E.g. replacing the pass target icon (the one displayed on the ground when u locked someone whom u wanna pass) with the one attached in this post for example?! Or the player start animation with another effect (emitter). Maybe it fits in this cartoonish style ;)


Posted: 13-10-2003 15:47
by [1234]Jr
It is nice, but 2 main problems

Screenwhores (which admittedly is out of Rage's control)


Holy said "you cant tell distance or hight" he's right

Posted: 13-10-2003 18:04
by TEZC-Rage
Well since i don't know anything about changing the HUD. Would anyone like to help out?

Which textures need some work Fizzy?

The screenwhores will hopefully get bored of the cracking screen.

I have added a couple more things


A slow swinging anvil (i may find/make a crane static mesh for it to swing off rather than it hanging from the middle. And 2 antennas for the screen and when i get the hang of material animations / triggers etc. I hope to make them look as if they are sending out some radio signals.

Posted: 13-10-2003 21:52
by Ars3h
good work rage. i like the map 10/10

Posted: 14-10-2003 00:22
by TEZC-Rage
and what has that pic got to do with my map?

Posted: 14-10-2003 07:46
by Twigstir
More suggestions:

Make a banner for behind the screen. People who have normal settings would see it instead of the screen and the cracked glass effect would still work well. Right now it's looks a little funny on normal settings.

This is just my opinion, but I think the ball reset ceiling in cube which you copied is weird. I think it looks better if the ball resets only if it goes out of play. I think a high ball should not reset unless it won't come down in play. I would get rid of the ceiling reset and extend the side resets to the top of you map. Make sure your map is high enough so the ball will not rebound if hit straight up.

I would change the "goal" bubble for the blue team. If blue scores you get "goal" in blue. They are both red now.

Nice graphics effects. The bubbles are looking good.

Posted: 14-10-2003 18:26
by TEZC-Rage
Well the blue 'goal' is in.

Also made a crane to hold the anvil


Posted: 14-10-2003 21:04
by Dazlin
TEZC-Rage wrote: and what has that pic got to do with my map?

he has no where to host his pictures :D

Posted: 14-10-2003 21:26
by Goldeneye
Twigstir wrote: Goldeneye: I am very interested in the information you have shared. I have followed you instruction but am unsure how to move forward. I'm afraid of screwing things up.

I have note pad open and have added the extra line bAlwaysRelevant=True. What do I do from here?

sry forgot to mention that you have to repaste that "new" actor into ued :| (added that now to the original post)
[edit]forgot these lines :|
now copy the whole thing back into ued (in notepad: ctrl+a; ctrl+c then in ued ctrl+v), but as this adds a new actor you might want to remove the original one

Posted: 14-10-2003 21:55
by Twigstir
Thanks Goldeneye. I have a material switch in DB-Sunset. I'll follow your instructions and see if it works online. Thanks a lot for you help. I hope it won't effect bandwith since I only use the switch after goals.