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Posted: 13-04-2004 20:20
by DJDriveBy
As you no FB died so im looking 4 a clan

I keep mainly but i also have developed some attacking tallent and am working on sweeping to become an all-rounder :D

Well im in the pickup channel, pm me if u interested

Posted: 13-04-2004 22:57
by BlackFlame
gl, wow 3 keepers all needing clans, uncommon

Posted: 13-04-2004 23:16
by CaPøNe
is FB 2k4 DB dead? or only the 2k3 team?

Posted: 13-04-2004 23:18
by CaPøNe
gg at DJdriveby good luck /o\

sry for 2 spamm threads, just collect my threads..

Posted: 14-04-2004 16:19
by DJDriveBy
ty capone m8 :)

and 2 answer ure Q wen DB goes 2k4 i think fb will do summit, but nothing more in 2k3

Posted: 15-04-2004 16:34
by Achilles
#npu \o/ ull need to play some fw's to see if u havent become too bad ;)

Posted: 18-04-2004 03:45
by speedy
fb = inactive (as sina says)

Posted: 20-04-2004 09:22
by StRaFe
Oh so no more fb. Thats a shame :lol:. Drive i suppose its a good idea to have some talent as attacker just to make up for that shite keeping you do aye? :D.

Good luck mate and maybe achilly might need a new keep?? :p ::Pfffff::