I want a clan

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I want a clan

Post by JeNSoNxz » 20-12-2004 15:42

well i'm looking for a clan like the title suggests

im an average player who can play well when ever in gmt time and will play defense or midfield (trust me you dont want me in goal;) )

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Post by Requiem`` » 20-12-2004 17:24

euro or north america? would help ;)

edit: gmt time, my bad , gl then

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Post by Inphidel » 20-12-2004 17:36

if your in north america, get mirc, and head to irc.gamesurge.net join #dbmixer - there are teams looking for players. plus we do pickup games there, team captains often pickup players that prove themselves to have potential and teach them more stuff.

if your in the euroland - irc.quakenet.org ? i think.. #dbpickup

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Post by Sixty » 20-12-2004 18:41

hint: GMT time ^_^