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lookin to join a US clan to get better.

Posted: 19-08-2005 06:30
by {10th}squall
Im looking to join a US clan. Im not gonna be on like all the time, because im in college and I work, but nights and weekends ill be on a fair amount. Im looking to improve my game. I have gotten much better at keeping, and im trying to work on the fancy offense.

Posted: 19-08-2005 19:15
by Titanium
download mIRC and join once connected, join #dbmixer and play some mixers etc.

Posted: 20-08-2005 15:40
by {10th}squall
i cant seem to join :X
"As a security countermeasure, all clients connecting from *@* are now required to give a valid ident response on connect. If you use mIRC, open mIRC options, select Connect -> Identd -> Enable Identd server. You may also need to unblock external/internet port 113 in your software or hardware firewall and/or forward it.. "

wth i don even have a firewall :X

Posted: 20-08-2005 18:15
by Imaginos

Posted: 22-08-2005 16:56
by {10th}squall
yeah i have a router, but the firewall on that is disabled.

Posted: 29-08-2005 21:28
by Messy
Then enable identd server .o/

Posted: 29-08-2005 21:55
by Imaginos
You should talk to us on irc and we can try to help ya troubleshoot this..

..oh.. right.

Forward port 113 from your router to the IP of the machine you use to play/chat/everything from.

IM me via whatever you have and I can try to walk ya thru it..

ICQ: 645796
YAHOO: bjames_nh
AIM: bjamesnh

im looking to join a clan

Posted: 12-11-2005 03:11
please iuf any clans are looking for new players pick me please::Pfffff:: ::Pfffff:: ::Pfffff:: ::Pfffff:: ::Pfffff:: ::Pfffff::