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Posted: 08-09-2005 02:20
by NoSexualFreak
omg mephistopheles needs a clan.

i keep. and cant attack. u know me.. i pwn. want me?

Posted: 08-09-2005 10:42
by DavidM
shev wants a clan or what?

Re: 3v3

Posted: 08-09-2005 16:08
by Titanium
NoSexualFreak wrote: omg mephistopheles needs a clan.

kinda obvious isn't it?

Posted: 08-09-2005 16:34
by DavidM
ya, its obvious when nosexualfreak says that mephistopheles needs a clan that it means that shev is looking for a team

Posted: 08-09-2005 18:02
by Titanium
didn't you know that mephistopheles and shev are the same person?

Posted: 08-09-2005 19:27
by Messy
No I didn't.

And why is Nosexualfreak telling us all that?

Acquisition is not allowed in this tournament I believe!

Posted: 08-09-2005 20:54
by NoSexualFreak

. k i need a clan. whoever i am known as.

Posted: 08-09-2005 21:43
by Messy
Join the club ;) (for the tourney anyway)

Nobody's ever going to pick me before you though :x

Posted: 08-09-2005 22:38
by NoSexualFreak
uhm well dont see why... hardlyever play myself

Posted: 09-09-2005 12:28
by DavidM
why don't you 2 form a 3on3 team and get someone else?
check the news post for open people.

Posted: 09-09-2005 15:44
by Ker]v[et
Messy if you around irc pm meh! quak

Posted: 26-09-2005 11:17
by Titanium
messy did u follow kermet's call?

Posted: 08-10-2005 00:34
by NoSexualFreak
down the alley

Posted: 11-11-2005 03:46
by `Ghost`

why? I dont know its 3am \o/ lets bump random rubbish