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im looking for a clan to join any clan pickme

Posted: 12-11-2005 03:06
any clan pick me cuz i relly want to play i love this game and i promise to respect ur rules::Pfffff::

Posted: 12-11-2005 04:08
by Shinobi
get irc and join #dbmixer, #dbpickup or #db3v3 on quakenet to play some mixers/3v3s so teams can see you play and maybe pick you up.
If you never played DB before then the better is to get some skills solo before joining the online competition.
Good luck m8 :)

Posted: 14-11-2005 21:04
by NoSexualFreak
uhm, there is no clans afaik

Posted: 14-11-2005 21:08
by `Ghost`
3xs are all that lives in Europe imo

Posted: 15-11-2005 02:32
yo any clans looking for a good player that respects rules pick me im good

Posted: 15-11-2005 13:18
by `Ghost`

Posted: 12-12-2005 01:15
by NoSexualFreak

im sorry... david ill go by the rules


there are NO CLANS!!!!1111oneoneoend