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Looking for a DB clan

Posted: 06-01-2006 02:17
by blink111
Hello, I play deathball alot and respect the rules. I play deathball everynight right now and I practice usally as a goalie thats my experteez. Im looking for a clan, im pretty good at other positions though but im a great goal keeper
email me at or post here

BTW I live in NY, USA

Posted: 11-01-2006 23:24
by Imaginos
Location: nowhere.

Hard to consider anyone that isn't even in the same dimension.

Posted: 11-01-2006 23:45
by blink111

Posted: 12-01-2006 17:38
by Shinobi
A New Yorker just like me :) :

The only league going for deathball now is the nadbl league, it's gonna start around February 6st:

You can signup as a free agent here:

The best way for you to join a team/clan is to play some mixers on IRC in #dbmixer.Make sure you connect to quakenet, here is to find out how to install mIRC:

Btw we play 2.3 5v5 and not 2.4beta.

Good luck :p

Posted: 13-01-2006 13:30
by blink111
i know how to use mIRC, I got it