aX is searching for a Sweeper

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Post by Titanium » 20-07-2006 21:59

sounds like a job interview :p

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Post by Nero » 21-07-2006 14:44

To reach a squad of 7? Already kicked Psyko again? ^^

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Post by Ker]v[et » 22-07-2006 12:04

we ended psyco's trial yes, because he aint that active (he saw the same problem).. so no kicking :P

!!Anyway, aX has now enough Members and aint searching for futher Members.!!

But you can still pm one of us and try ;)

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Re: aX is searching for a Sweeper

Post by Onge » 22-07-2006 18:22

- mental age of 18

Check. Actually my mental age is older, but whatever...

- interest/activity in Deathball

Errrrm...I'm interested, just not particularly active...

- skilled/potential newcommers and/or all players who are willing to improve

Hmmm, skilled you say? Bah...

further things that are important

- good Teamplay
- good rmb usage

Err, yeah. I think.

- not WoW addicted

Definitely not!

So do I make the cut? ;)