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Posted: 20-02-2007 11:05
by DoMmeh``
indeed. at least shev's the one with the ideas, only the people supporting him are missing, the 3rd time now. :(

keep going shev <3

Posted: 20-02-2007 11:34
by Titanium
i recalculated it
it "could" work - my 2 preferred systems :P

sys1) 1 team germany, team GB, team benelux, team USA and team <Rest>
league system - maybe 2 games against each team

sys2) 2 german teams, team benelux, team GB, team USA and team <Rest>
2 divisions รก 3 teams - #1's and #2's move on to the semis. #1 group a vs. #2 groub b - something like that

but i doubt ppl would want to do something like that :<

Posted: 20-02-2007 11:47
by DoMmeh``
i'd love to do it!

so we need the players to sign up =)
and we need the players to accept the fact that they maybe not play with their dream team but with ppl they dont like ?!?

like me havin to play with tita maybe :s

ill begin^ with signing up. the german players can form their teams still when players signed up^^
lets sign up here and make a list. lets see how it works, thanks for your support or go to hell <3


Posted: 20-02-2007 12:04
by Titanium
well i was bored so i created that list.
this is just a thought - i know 95% won't like it anyway :o


i bet there are many ppl who think that this is like pissing in the wind but i think it could be cool to give variety to DB.

Posted: 20-02-2007 12:06
by dildo
i'll form team belgium on my own, moeha!

Posted: 20-02-2007 13:42
by DoMmeh``
go for it^

Posted: 20-02-2007 14:55
by MaXy``