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Posted: 30-06-2005 18:54
by Onge
Wh° are a bunch of retards.

Posted: 01-07-2005 00:01
by `Ghost`
not unless they recruit me for the sole purpose of gaining your 'retard' title, kthx

btw db is dead

Posted: 01-07-2005 15:10
by GoldenGun
ghosts are also dead and won't shut up \o

Posted: 02-07-2005 19:27
by `Ghost`
Not on your request no

Posted: 19-07-2005 23:17
by NoSexualFreak
what about mine?

(rhetorical question)

Posted: 20-07-2005 11:15
by `Ghost`
Your sig is sick

Posted: 21-07-2005 11:51
by NoSexualFreak
whiched sickz proper innit this zeezon tbh!

Posted: 31-07-2005 19:17
by Titanium
your sig sux shev :devil:

Posted: 03-08-2005 12:46
by Messy
Onge wrote: Wh° are a bunch of retards.

Shut up Whiteboy :D

You owned us fair and square ;p how mediocre we were : (

Posted: 04-08-2005 13:00
by Titanium
do not insult anyone here, messy otherwise i have to ban your ass in this forum, mr metallica!

Posted: 03-09-2005 01:50
by NoSexualFreak
thats a big fucking insult.