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Posted: 21-04-2009 01:05
by Goldeneye
Since the league fixtures got announced, i dug out some old ircbot to help organize who's available for which game on my team.
And now to the point i'm posting this: i'd like to offer this service to any team signed for the league. So if you want to try it, contact me (in irc).

The script tracks yes/no/maybe lists for each match added and puts an overview into the channel's topic.
Something like:

Date: Apr/29 We Time: 21 CET Map: Echo Opp: Ignis Fatuus Yes: 3 Maybe: 1 No: 1 :: (2) May/5 22 CE Echo 3xs 2 0 0

Details (or matches not listed in topic) can be viewed, including date,time,map,opponent,list of players (not/maybe) available,comment and lineup if specified.

Posted: 21-04-2009 15:55
by Ker]v[et
tested and works great so far :p

Re: MatchPlan

Posted: 09-08-2009 08:04
by nimmy
I am also find it is working very well. I congratulate you for your kind information.