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Please Close your threads when you found players/clan!

Posted: 11-07-2003 12:38
by DavidM
Please Close your threads when you found players/clan!

So other people who are looking don't go there know.

Posted: 14-07-2003 13:57
by f1end

Posted: 14-07-2003 14:09
by fro
i think

Posted: 15-07-2003 14:11
by f1end
Thnx...i try not to when i can help it o_O


But....this happened...


Posted: 15-07-2003 14:19
by f1end

Posted: 18-07-2003 11:43
by MeSSiaH{FCU}
U cant close other ppl's threads u know :P

Posted: 18-07-2003 13:12
by ßig ßaby
Which idiot deleted my thread??
It was still a current one :/

Posted: 18-07-2003 13:15
by DavidM
there are only 3 persons who could do it
me (didnt delete anything)
an admin (he cannot be bothered to come here and delete threads :P)

Posted: 18-07-2003 13:35
by Khushdi
i tried to delete a thread i made ages ago, wouldnt let me, got that same message...:rolleyes:

Posted: 19-07-2003 09:05
by LyNx
i know i cant delete mine?

Posted: 21-07-2003 05:04
by BlackFlame
same here i cant delete my own threads :(

Posted: 21-07-2003 05:06
by DavidM
i never talked about deleting it

Posted: 21-07-2003 05:10
by BlackFlame
yeah i meant close them

Posted: 07-08-2003 13:28
by fs|Pele
closing threads ? what you people talking about ?

Posted: 07-08-2003 13:33
by DavidM
btw its fixed according to, so you can close own threads