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Post by DavidM » 01-08-2004 09:04


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Post by JollyRulez » 01-08-2004 17:59

better :p

/me hugs Bazzi :D

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Post by malik » 03-08-2004 20:28


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Post by Messy » 04-08-2004 12:11

Why not? :<

And dudes: You don't have to pay for this site :| so stop using that as an argument for not supporting this DBL.

And a league with 6 teams won't work? How so?

I'd be surprised if we even got 6 teams tbh :)

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Post by GreyFox » 05-08-2004 11:39

league will never work since ppl dont care and give up after a few weeks, it has happend before and it will happen again

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Post by bloodeh » 05-08-2004 12:21

k it worked not perfect, but the league worked. sadly u cant debar the teams on leaving or not playing, but at the moment is nothing in the community. no working ladder, no league...

but without the league no noobs think about founding a team. :eek:

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Post by GoldenGun » 05-08-2004 15:52

indeed. So work on a league.

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Post by Messy » 05-08-2004 21:39

Which they are doing \o/


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Post by Titanium » 05-08-2004 22:53

\o/ good 4 all \o/

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Post by Rino » 06-08-2004 06:01

the most have shit in their mouth tbh.

1) DBL worked, last dBL was going to the end... But bazzi retired... and didn't let me organize playoff couse 2.0 was out...
Teams was going to finish the league...

2) Ladders sux, i'd like teams to play ladders, but even now we have 2 ladders, noone is playing them....

3) There are much more than 6 active teams , i bring some example: AoV LøC s23 Deus sD aF NpU 3dg|rr D@MN 18+ Black and i'm sure pX will born again (lol)
so 12 teams 2 groups 6 teams each one

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Post by DavidM » 06-08-2004 08:33

I regret retiring from the league admin position back then. The first season I didn't do anything was total chaos and didn't even finish, I'll make sure it won't happen again if I can...

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Post by l0afz » 06-08-2004 09:24

obviously shev has never used clanbase, as its on of the easiest systems to use for leagues around... (unless you are really dumb)

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Post by Bazzi » 06-08-2004 13:23

Yay for Peter \o/

Finally someone working on the DBL again :)

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Post by NightBoY » 06-08-2004 22:34

Greyfox just stfu pls. You dont play db anymore. then how the hell do you know everything better then us?

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Post by StRaFe » 12-08-2004 13:10

amen o/