DBPublic thingy! Help!

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DBPublic thingy! Help!

Post by Ker]v[et »

Hey ho ballers,

if you take a look at http://www.dbpublic.de.vu you see that 4 5on5 Teams and a fun 3on3 are set for Sundays P-Day.

If you want to be a part of it, register now..or just take a look.. :p

Ok now the point of that Thread...

Ii need help! Atm. i doin that dbpublic thing alone. Also i have no Accesable Page (no skills) so i have to enter everything manually.

So i could need a "helper" who could remake the site or change some parts to make it accessable (registering, entering results etc.)

Also i could need someone to help out contacting players (writing emails) in english (mine isnt that good as u know) which is quite a bit work!

mail me (addy@page) or just reply here if you think you could do something o/
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Post by HollaDieWaldfee »

i would help, contact me via irc fröschle :)