All about Death Ball Leagues and Tournaments

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what is deathball leauge :eek:
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omg are you so stupid....

its dead now so you dont need to know. though i shall tell you

ITS A LEAGUE FOR DEATHBALL!!!111oneoeneoneone
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and you're calling him stupid... why?

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no i mean what it is about and all i jus registered 2 days ago... + im 10
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The only league going for deathball now is the nadbl league, it's gonna start around February 6st: http://www.lagfrag.com/nadbl/

You can signup as a free agent here:

http://www.lagfrag.com/nadbl/index.php? ... ter_player

The best way for you to join a NA team/clan is to play some mixers in #dbmixer *quakenet*.

A lot of teams are hiring in this period(don't worry, a lot of euros play in the NADBL but better get used to play with 100+ ping ;) )

Btw we play 2.3 5v5 and not 2.4beta.

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ok thnx for the info
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Why did super saran wrap get the ban?