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Posted: 01-06-2006 07:49
by BrinGer
I would suggest on some sort of league or cup competion being started... this would encourage some more activity and maybe encourage some old players to come back to playing. I know there arent many teams at the moment but... announce that a league/cuo will be starting and give teams a while to form like a month ect. I know im suggesting this but i myself would love to do this or organise this but i wouldnt be able to as i lack the abailty to organize a piss up in a brewery.. This is for the euro ballers as we know the NA community have cups and leagues of their own (lucky gits!)

Posted: 02-06-2006 13:00
by DavidM
i hate playing "official" matches, i'm way too nervous then and i'm getting heart attacks :/

Posted: 02-06-2006 16:05
by xiller8r
I remember years ago (literally!) some of the old tezc vs cy games, I felt more nervous than I do nowadays in ctf / tam nations cup games.

Posted: 02-06-2006 17:11
by GoldenGun
yep a league would be really nice
but i guess it'd need a final version

Posted: 04-06-2006 18:54
by BrinGer
Weird i find DB a relaxing game, when i play nation cups matches ect. in TO i get quite nervous.. and euro cup matches.
But back to the subject, if anyone has some organization skills they really should go ahead a get a small league going would encourage more participation in the game im sure, one of the reasons quite alot of people dont play this mod is beacuse there is no leagues/cups! Maybe we could try and get a clanbase ladder up and going again?
When i get home from work i will see about starting a CB ladder petition ! hopfully we will get some support.

Posted: 07-06-2006 04:17
by Mr.Rino
Well Bringer you know what,
problem is that the last attempts to run a leagues end with a failure, so noone can be arsed anymore. Even my second edition of DBsmackdown CUP died at the final Game! and the league that Wibble were organizing with me, supported by a great site, died after 5 weeks. Let's not talk about all those 3on3 league run by different persons, like the davidM one...

It's sad i know, but it's just players fault. And so , since the league didn't work when we had a Full and stable version, with 100+ in #dbpickup, i really don't see any chance now.

Need a commercial version of DB or at least a full version :)

Posted: 08-06-2006 07:35
by BrinGer
Yeh, the community is small at the moment. This is why im doing a Clanbase petition, so teams that want to play can play however many matches they want, and other teams can play 1 game a week if they want. If we get the Clanbase ladder up and going, hopfully it will bring some teams back! and maybe even new teams. I have got alot of people to download DB... but they have ALL said there are no publics.. so i point them in the direction of #dbpickup they say we aint good enough to play here yet... i tell them not to worry you will pick it up quick as most of them are quite good gamers. Now they play get abused for 20minutes and don't play again... I seen suddendeath abusing somone in a pickup the other day.. it was his first pickup... imo DavdM you need to find some way of making your game appeal to publics + team games!

Posted: 29-06-2006 16:20
by Inphidel
BrinGer wrote:
imo DavdM you need to find some way of making your game appeal to publics + team games!

quoted for truth!


Posted: 05-08-2006 12:32
Bring The League BACK!!! :(