TEZCs 5th Year Birthday! - Competitions

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TEZCs 5th Year Birthday! - Competitions

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To celebrate TEZCs 5th year as a clan during the course of next week (Starting 18th our official birthday) we will be running a few little cup competitions.

To start with on the 18th we will be hosting 2 1on1 knockout cups available for everyone to enter. Trackmania Nations and Warsow Duel cups.

These cups will start from around 7.30-8pm (UK Times) and normally last 2-3 hours depending on how many players enter and how smoothly it all goes :P

To enter either of these cups you will need an account on our website (http://www.tezc.co.uk) then you click either (or both) of the links below:

Trackmania Nations 1on1
Warsow Duel

Sign ups will close just before the event starts and the fixtures are put on the site. (Signups may close earlier if we are getting too many people)


Next up we are looking to run a 5on5 Deathball cup! - The cup is for clans/teams and again will be a straight forward knockout cup. This cup will be a 1 night event to be held on TUESDAY 21ST AUGUST STARTING 8PM UK TIMES - So if you cant make this date/time then dont bother! :P

We aim to have 8 teams in this cup, so that there is a nice number, so nows the time to spread the word and get yourself in a clan or team so that you can enter.

To enter this cup each team of 5 players much decide on a team captain. Once you have sorted that the team captain will need to contact me (either PM on here or email) with their Team Name and the 5 players who want to play in this cup.

Lets hope we can get a good amount ot players :P any questions then please let me know!