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Post by Dazlin »

i feel like an ass i was sucking a biro while reading and now my mouth is coverd in blue ink :eek:

i joined on 1.4b

i still like the old gun models better i dunno why but i really liked the different looking guns i really didnt mind the broomstick goal :o because the clan i was in at the time, this is around the stage of 1.6 i think, was damn and well we hada very good def and not many if any got passt our def cos of gobbeh :D
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Post by Holy_Surfing »

Quote by Bodom: "David, how bout we make it interesting....let's play it like it's the golden age of DB...1.4b anyone?"

heh, i don't think you necessarily understand... either that or you really don't know shit about it: 1.4b has every bloody lame bug-trick in it, from broomstick and bunny hopping, to n00b cannon... Not to mention overpowerful volleys and very old system... Last time i checked the best version was... ehm, 1.8 ?

Everyone knows 1.4b because it was then, at the time it was released, that the community was still at piece, no clan arguments, (hardly any insults against DavidM, more like praisiing him for delivering us a gametype that doesn't involve weapons, where you can't do shit in). It was at that time that every good player enjoyed to spend hours per day in public servers.
Then all hell broke loose, noone is sure what really happened, everyone just started to point their finger at someone, or some thing, and bang... goodbye deathball...

- Holy

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Post by Cenotaph »

best version is 1.7, just like 1.8 but no senseless deflection :)
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Post by TEZC_Robban »

DavidM wrote: That's fine, I have no prob losing a match, unlike your whiners.
Davidm won even before the match started.
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Post by f1end »

Holy...good point...but 1 thing...there was no "n00b-cannon" in 1.4b...it came in in 1.5 (The worst EVER DB IMO)
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Anyway, lets all have a sing along
Catch a star if you can
Wish for something special
Let it be me, my love is free
Sing a song to yourself
Think of someone listening
One melody, you're all for me

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We'll serenade the world
With a lullaby so the angels will know us
Angels will know us
**Sheds a tear** That was beautiful
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Post by DavidM »

"1.5 (The worst EVER DB IMO)"

dont say that :/
everything before 1.3 was much worse
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Post by Catalyst88 »

Lets all go back to 0.8!
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