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Posted: 21-10-2004 17:40
by R3L!K
don't you think you should make the names of the pirate key owners public....

part of a name and shame policy

Posted: 22-10-2004 16:56
by Imaginos
It's not like they are people we know..

Here's the latest hits on banned guids:

Ban ID: 927
Nickname: Player (bouche in disguise)
GUID: 66763ad4cc8307916f084747ecb4596c
Users IP:
Enforced: Tue Oct 19 0:28:01 2004

Ban ID: 1000 (pirate cdkey)
Nickname: SH|U.R.H.
GUID: 32af618f3ba1ef8264f8deefed08553c
Users IP:
Enforced: Sun Oct 17 20:17:06 2004

If bouche wants to play nice from here on out, all he has to do is promise to do so and I will let him have a chance to prove it.

Posted: 17-02-2005 16:17
by Star_Player
Well, i don't think it very good idea because i wish to ban Blubby because he is being a problem on my server. I hear he insults mini admins and calls most CoB players n00bs. Personally i think this no way that a good DB player should behave. And if i ban him on my server then he is banned on every server but he only causes problems on my server. :ban: :hmmmz:

Posted: 17-02-2005 17:33
by The_One
Is Blubb really that much of a problem? Can't people just ignore him?

Posted: 17-02-2005 23:25
by Imaginos
Uh.. what are you on about here?

The bans I posted above were UTAN bans. SP, your ban on your non-UTAN server isn't a UTAN ban and is just in effect for your server. If you feel it's justified, so be it.