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The End of an Era...[123/4] servers removed!

Posted: 02-09-2004 11:23
by R3L!K
I heard on the grapvine (Catalyst :p) that 123/4 have removed their deathball servers.

The reason was that they were simply not being used. In all honesty, this is completely understandable since I haven't seen the community this dead in a long time.

It's not that the players aren't there, I doubt DB is less popular today than it was a couple of months ago, it's just that the public servers are in such disarray (some on 2.0, some on 2.1, others 2.1c) that it's bloody fustrating trying to find a public server to play on nowadays and this can only be doing harm to Deathball's reputation.

I know a lot of the old school Euros first met each other on the 123/4 servers and it has always been one of my favourite servers to play on.

I just hope the ECE will boost player numbers and that the next version of DB is as playable and bug free as possible. Hopefully this is just a short respite and Jr and Bedlam will bring back their server once popularity increases.

Posted: 03-09-2004 11:47
by Sixty

Posted: 03-09-2004 13:37
by f1end
Some of the best games I eva played were on 123/4 server :/

Will be missed

Posted: 03-09-2004 23:58
by speedy
my first match was on there :(

i actually downloaded deathball from there just before :p

Posted: 04-09-2004 13:14
by Imo
yeah 123/4 server was great when we were all noobs... excellent fun.

Depending how long I stay at the company I work for, I'll be running a few JUICE public servers (currently 2.1c) for all.

Posted: 04-09-2004 17:52
by 1234Bedlam
Rumour mill working hard I see.

There is a post a couple down from this one which I posted that the [1234] servers couldn't be updated to DB2.1 as it needed the lastest 3270 Patch (which at the time was still in beta and contantly crashed our servers) Since 3270-1 came out thats not been an issue, but there were other problems in getting DB to run on the servers. Rather then leave the servers up and running but with no one being able to connect, I took them down untill I could fix it.

They are now fixed, and both are up and running with DB2.1d

Posted: 04-09-2004 18:03
by R3L!K

Posted: 04-09-2004 18:49
by Requiem``

Posted: 04-09-2004 20:50
by Imo
gg bedlam

Posted: 07-09-2004 14:00
by Sixty

Posted: 08-09-2004 15:55
by StRaFe
\o/ ?

Posted: 08-09-2004 21:24
by [V3]Cajubski
strafe this is for the old timers, stay out of the thread \o/

Posted: 09-09-2004 08:00
by Rino

Posted: 09-09-2004 13:36
by StRaFe
i was getting the post count up, leave me alone :(

edit: Love Rino :(

Posted: 10-09-2004 01:35
by Cenotaph
AH... nostalgia.

[123/4] server filled with TEZC, |BUD| and [123/4]. Those were the days :)