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Help installing a Linux dedicated

Posted: 13-11-2004 16:14
by mrk
Hi peps, please can I have some advice on setting up our linux decicated DB server? ::Pfffff::

At the moment I have 3 servers (private, insta, and all weapons) running out of one UT2004 folder. They are using 3 inis (UT2004.ini UT2004insta.ini and UT2004nw.ini) and 3 startscripts.

I have extracted the into its own folder in the UT2004 server folder.

I am following the Linuxinstall readme, and it says to edit the ut2004.ini, but then further on it says to start the server using " -mod=deathball -ini=deathball.ini "

- so my first question is aftering editing the ut2004.ini with the port numbers i want DB to run from should I not save as deathball.ini?

- on first boot up I assume the changes defaultlinux.ini is applied to the deathball.ini?

- is the ut2004.ini (saved as deathball.ini) meant to reside in the ut2004/system folder, or the ut2004/deathball/system folder?

I want to install using the subfolder so I can run other mods in other sub folders, using yet more inis.

Thanks very much! :noob:

Posted: 13-11-2004 21:20
by mrk
ok, I think I sorted it.

The server ignored the deathball.ini that was in my ut2004/system folder and it created a new one in ut2004/deathball/system but used the default port 7777.

So I edited the one it created... restarted and its great.. I think.

If anyone fancies coming to try her out its 10 players and reports to #flats.db on quakenet.

Thanks :D

Posted: 13-11-2004 21:23
by mrk
btw... is deathball meant to talk to the irc channel, it says very wierd things
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Posted: 16-11-2004 08:58
by Sixty
Get used to it, we do things different around here ;)

ps. HI LOLS!@!!2121eleventewelve!12