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struggling setting up deathball2.3 server with ut2vote

Posted: 18-11-2004 01:39
by weem
Hi - as the topic line above suggests im struggling to get a deathball server running with ut2vote.

After voting for deathball the server then starts deathball but on a normal deathmatch map.

Obviously after this happens nobody can connect to it - but its there in the server browser.

In webadmin - and also in ut2vote - none of the deathball maps can be seen at all.

Its like it isnt seeing any maplist at all.


Apologies if this seems to be more of a ut2vote issue than a DB one.

Ive added what i think are the correct lines to the ut2vote.ini file, added the extra paths in the servers ut2004.ini, and copied the ucl file across as well.

Posted: 18-11-2004 07:52
by XiD
why run ut2vote? i personally have never found it helpful, and at times just an annoyance.

Posted: 18-11-2004 13:24
by weem
You have a point about ut2vote being a bit of a pain - but unfortunately its the only way i know of to host multiple mods on a single server.

Is there a better way?

Posted: 18-11-2004 16:13
by Imaginos
UT2Vote is the best way to handle the needs of a multi-mod server.

If you like, I am available for live assistance with your config after 6pm EST. If you can't wait that long, let me see your server's commandline, ut2004.ini/server.ini and your UT2Vote.ini and I may be able to get you running sooner.

If your server is running deathmatch maps in Deathball, that suggests something is misconfigured in the ut2vote.ini
Please ensure that you don't remove any of the stock gametypes from the ini, you should only add to it.

Posted: 18-11-2004 18:00
by weem
Nice one - everyone should have a server doctor on hand for emergencies!!

Theres no mad rush for getting it going - but obviously the sooner the better.

Whats the best way to get the ini files to you? Will i PM them or just paste em in here?

How will we meet for the live assistance - is irc ok?

Thanks for offering to help Imaginos.

Posted: 18-11-2004 18:47
by weem
Our command line is:

./ucc-bin server DM-Antalus?GameStats=True ini=UT2004.ini -nohomedir multihome=

(i started ut2vote through webadmin - perhaps this is part of the problem?)

Posted: 18-11-2004 19:58
by Imaginos
My pleasure. I am on the UT2Vote beta team and my other UT2004 passion is Deathball. Only too happy to help spread the satifaction of both.

UT2Vote is best run from the commandline. Due to the nature of what it does with dynamically swapping serverpackages in and out, it's not a real good idea to run it any other way.

Just attach your ini files here. I can't get to IRC until later tonight.. Have to do a little shopping with the daughter tonight. Homecoming dance is tomorrow and she still needs a dress..

Working it on BU as well

Posted: 18-11-2004 23:35
by Imaginos

Posted: 19-11-2004 00:21
by weem
Guess we should take it to the BU forum? No sense in hopping from one to the other.

See you on the other side.........

Posted: 19-11-2004 02:54
by Imaginos
Heh! Yeah.. this is mostly for anyone that is trying to keep up with what we're doing in case this is useful info to them too.

I can't reach BeyondUnreal during the duty day

Posted: 19-11-2004 15:41
by Imaginos
So I hope you check in here.

I was emailed your post on BU at least, and I suggest a commandline of :

./ucc-bin server DB-Cube?Game=deathball.DB_DeathBall?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX?GameStats=True ini=UT2004.ini -nohomedir multihome=

Hopefully they can get this one working for you.

Posted: 20-11-2004 01:18
by weem
Imaginos - it is working like a charm!!

All the guys in the clan are loving their first taste of deathball - you've won a few more converts to the cause.

p.s. i hadnt played DB since v1.9 - theres been some fine changes since then imo.

Posted: 20-11-2004 03:15
by Imaginos
Sweet. Always a joy to see a happy ending.

Now get your practice going and we'll see you out there on the pubs!