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Using MultiplayUK for your deathball server?

Posted: 24-12-2004 15:41
by Imaginos
They offer Deathball, they just offer an outdated version. Be sure to have them install 2.3 for you.

Once they do that, you will have to manually edit the server's ini on the ADVANCED page of the ClanForge control panel to include the necessary Deathball serverpackages:


Next, you will need to move a paths line to make sure the Deathball textures take priority over the stock UT2004 ones.

Move this line:

So it comes before this one:

Your ini should look similar to this example:


Doing this will make the game use the deathball textures first and avoid the mismatch error that happens when Deathball isn't started with the -mod switch. Depending on how you want to run your server, this simple fix may not be right for you though. See this thread for more details: ... adid=15928

Posted: 31-12-2004 01:31
by xiller8r
speak to me if youre not having any luck getting in touch with them, know them personally so I can help out.

Posted: 31-12-2004 13:36
by Imaginos
Cool - thanks!

My advice comes from working to get a server up for clan C|S. New admins, be sure to bone up on the basics of being a UT admin at before you try to fill in the variables on the multiplay control panel. It'll prevent problems..