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Gko server

Posted: 03-02-2005 17:36
by Messy
I'm posting this in both the Off-Topic and Death Ball Server forums, because nobody ever reads the DB Server forum anyway ¬_¬

So, imagine you've started a tiny revolution..twice.
Imagine you've started and passed a vote on DB-November respectively DB-Cube in a 5on5 VO Smallcube/Wastelands server..and then the server resets to DB-Smallcube..twice :x
Imagine both the (very good) 5on5 reg JUICE server, and the (less good but still good) 3on3 VO JUICE server have gone down, and you're stuck with this chaotic 5on5 VO games with 8 ego volleyspammers, of which 2 got stuck in keep and have no idea how to pass, yourself, and Onge.
Imagine you have passed such a major revolution, but a small step for man, and a huge step for Deathball, and for one to go from 5on5 SC to a full (yet unfortunately still vo) DB-Cube game.

Then imagine the frustration you get when you're stuck only to that server, and it crashes each time a vote passes for a good map.

I won't mess with your world of spam, utter randomness, "WTFPWN" and lucky ego goals..but please, if the majority votes for DB-Cube or DB-November, or any other proper map, at least make sure that it's on the server.
I suspect the map was simply not on the server in the first place..but if people want to play a should be possible for them to play it, or it just shouldn't be in the list to vote.

Now I'm off to bang my head into a wall, repeatedly, while hoping the Gko guys read this and fix their server.

While you're at it, add an option to play Deathball, instead of vo.

Posted: 03-02-2005 22:56
by Imaginos
If they need help taking care of things, I'll give them a hand.

Posted: 05-02-2005 19:13
by regeneimer
server randomly crashing at map change happens.....

but doesnt happen really often.... live with it and revote and its fine....

btw. when im on the server and there are enough ppl i almost always switch to non vo nov or cube....

Posted: 05-02-2005 20:58
by The_One
regeneimer wrote: live with it and revote and its fine....

Unfortuately it's not possible to vote for the same map, as it's removed from the list.

Posted: 08-02-2005 12:59
by Messy
Yeah :( that's why we picked Cube the 2nd time.

..and it crashed.