What about a new server with...

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So what do you think of this idea?

Yes would be great (i will support you in this project ^^)
Nice idea, i'll hang around on it when it'll be done
Nah we already got enough servers!
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V-O forever!
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What about a new server with...

Post by BluBBy » 06-04-2005 09:50

Yes i was wondering if one day we could see on our server list a server like this one (aka BUD server for NA people ^^)

-no vo server
-many different maps like the ones you can ONLY (what a shame) find on NA servers
-12 slots because 6v6 is not that bad and many people seems to have tried or started deathball these last months (db is dead only for the veteran ones i think)
-different gameplays :deathball, gibball ^^
-a nice voting system
-was thinking to some bot system, spectating, and giving some tips like Boost: explanation, Volley: explanation while people are playing and wich could be switched off with a command in the console system given when the players came on the server(for the ones who dont need the advice bot is giving to new players)
-.... if you got other ideas

This would offer a new vision of deathball for many players:

-newcommers will at least be able to score a goal without having a ball reset^^ and will recieve some explanations about the basics stuff and player need to know in order to play deathball (volleys, boost, all the stuff given during the loading map screen)
-some of you will taste the joys of a regular non vo game (i do know that a lot of the deathball community never really played regular games)
-there are so many different kind of maps to play on and euros server never had those in the map list sooo...
-gibball is great fun tbh
-and there are so few 10/12 slots servers

Yea well you might say: Hey yes good idea could you do the job for us?

Well why not, i'm a deathball addict, i do think i could handle such a thing, but i dont know how could this stuff be done, so if you guys could help in order to explain what you did, what I or someone else will have to do, like how to rent a server, how to have the admin access stuff, how to upload maps or gameplays, how to put this one the internet (im a big nOOb in this domain so i really need a "GUIDE" :p )

Well thanks for reading the message (I think you understood my english :)) and I hope this "project" will succeed, thanks to me, thanks to you and thanks to all the deathball community...

/me is dreaming maybe, i hope i dont.
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Post by Guide » 09-04-2005 10:18

@ BluBBy

Agree with a lot of the things you mention.

Our main reason to launch that 12 slot server was to create a place for EU people to play 'real' deathball in.

If a new player never tried real teamplay deathball, but instead only watched solo db players /o\ doing nothing but solo volley in a crowded map, they are definitely missing out on a lot of fun.
Granted.. it is still fun for the player who ego trips like there was no tomorrow.
And for that new player joining such a VO server, it could seem natural to play DB in such a way. DM free for all resemblance all over.


Nothing beats real teamplay DB!

Which leads towards the real point of this post: The perfect DB public server.

I agree that Gibball is very fun - addicting like hell ;) but it isn't deathball. Therefore on the Guide pub server, DB will be the only mod played.

- Maps to have on the server:
We've hesitated to have maps on the server that isn't 'official'. Reason beeing that the we are hoping for an official map pack release SOON.
Don't want to make things harder for new people - at least not until a proper working voting system is setup.
Hopefully the community will help convince Team Vortex of the benefit with such a map pack release - it beeing official helps a lot.
You are more than welcome to suggest good playable maps which have a good atmosphere, and not feeling crowded with 10+ people.

The reason we launched this clan (Guide - quakenet, #db.guide ) was because of us having the goal to help the community (as well as ourselves (obviously)) in mind. So on this server, helping noobs etc. have a good time is something that we will try to aim for, as well as HIGHLY recommending others doing the same.

The channel #dbpickup (EU Quakenet), is something else. Feeding this channel with new players can only be good. That is.. IF the regular people will try to promote this. "Help new players, don't ridicule them" is what is in the current topic. Public and #dbpickup deathball can and should coexist.
Who better than those regulars (pros) in that channel, to help new people learn the ins and outs of DB?

Vote | for regulars @ pickup channel to play public deathball on 'real' servers (see above) | passed.

Vote | for server admins to remove the VO rule | passed.

Vote | for Deathball to grow stronger | passed.

Thanks to BluBBy for making this thread. \o/