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Genuine Request: Server Admins

Posted: 12-04-2005 20:00
by `Ghost`
Just recently started helping some of the new players with the LITTLE i know xP e.g volleying etc. I find most of them say they want to learn how to volley because they get kicked from servers for scoring without volleying ... so \: (and this is a genuine request)

FOR THE GOOD OF DEATHBALL, PLEASE take vo off your servers and DO NOT kick those who score without volleying. Imo many-many- ... many ... new players have been scared away or pushed away because of vo or being abused for not playing vo. So really this goes out to players aswell, dont beat down on the new players (If theres a future for db, it wont be without those new players!)

-Please- \o/

Posted: 13-04-2005 03:13
by Imaginos
BuD servers have always preached that's it's fine to score any way you can.. Hell, aimbot if you think you can.

(map exploits excluded)

On the BuD server, as more people join, smaller maps become unavailable. Spectators also count toward the minimum mapsize.
For example, with 6 people playing a 3v3 map and 3 spectators, the 8-man maps will be locked out at voting time.

Would that help any?

Posted: 13-04-2005 10:00
by `Ghost`
Think so, but its the vo server admins that need a slap \o/ especially those who dont have the vo rule enabled but still kick the noobs for scoring without volleying \:

I used to play quite often on non euro servers and I do find they are a lot better in terms of ... erm rules etc O_o ... (tries making sense) and I notice a lot less new players are scared away

/me moves to America