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Euro Server Admins - Kick Vote

Posted: 11-10-2005 13:42
by `Ghost`
Kick vote needs removing from the public servers (Its the only way I see around it unless the vote percentage required, is increased to something like 80-85%)

There are 2, 3 players who play db now and then as a group on a public server and each kick vote any new player who joins.

Why has this annoyed me now and not before. It -has- annoyed me before, but the public servers werent so inactive up until now so theres literally no other place to go to after being kick voted from the server.

Im not the only one being kicked, I know Strafe was kicked too some time during 2.3. I managed to ban them from my server at one point. But ive been playing 2.4 pubs now and then, talking to some of the new players. They too are being kicked

Some one tell me im wrong in saying kick vote is there for kicking AFK players, or players ruining the game i.e switching teams making them unfair / scoring own goals constantly (or yes, even being abusive)

But kicking players who simply join the server - expecting to play a public game, is not right. Public servers are being used as private servers for these people. (Kick vote will always work so long as one player joins - 2 already in the server can out vote the player before they even load properly. I believe 60% or something is the vote required)

Can some one translate this for the German server admins?

edit: they're even kick voting the spec's now :confused:

Posted: 11-10-2005 15:17
by DavidM
well i agree

for idlers and own goalers there are options

default is -2 goals ban you
and there is an idle kick time

use these to get rid of buggers

Posted: 11-10-2005 17:46
by `Ghost`
Yes I suppose this is the only time ill agree using the anti-idle option is useful, how ever I think own goal limit should be increased on servers, rather than use the default. Its much much easier to score an own goal in 2.4 by accident (or at least 2.4 maps Cube and SmallCube)

Posted: 11-10-2005 21:27
by DavidM
yup, -3 should do tho
it means scoring 3 real need 6 owngoals

Posted: 11-10-2005 22:11
by `Ghost`
Ah I never knew that :)

Posted: 20-10-2005 15:26
by Ker]v[et

I play alot pub.. always have been. But i never seen new guys get kickd any other ppl that wouldnt have deserved it. (as far as i can tell about that)

in short: i dont get this tread.

Quote by `Ghost`
"But ive been playing 2.4 pubs now and then, talking to some of the new players. They too are being kicked"

who kicks who on what server? I know that there are some guys that dont like strafe or so.. (thats not a vaild reason i konw.. but he is no new player)
Well if you can be abit more specific i could talk to some admin of thc65 and gko Server's (cant imagine you mean other servers)


Posted: 20-10-2005 17:06
by `Ghost`
Thought the first post was quite specific ...

edit: yes the THC and gKo servers mainly, and its not around the time you play in pubs Kerm. Earlier

Posted: 24-10-2005 15:39
by `Ghost`
Oh and I dont know if its still happening since i posted this thread, I only play for 3xs now o/

Posted: 11-11-2005 03:48
by `Ghost`
Cant see any public servers any more any way, rofl

Posted: 26-11-2005 17:05
by Imaginos
What server(s) was this happening on?

edit: NM.. I'm slow and this coffee is weak.