Windows Dedicated Server

Problems setting up a server and other server related things

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Windows Dedicated Server

Post by DrEvil » 30-11-2005 05:52

Trying to set up a Windows Dedicated Server, but have been having problems with it. I can get a UT2004 Dedicated Server going no problem, but haven't been able to find instructions to get Deathball installed.

Can anyone lend a hand?

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Post by Imaginos » 30-11-2005 11:21

Sure. It's easy.

If you're going to run a dedicated Deathball server, set it up to run just like your client is setup; with a deathball folder in UT2004's root folder.

Deathball is a full mod. To play it, your client is normally started with a commandline such as this: C:\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -mod=deathball
The dedicated server requires the same -mod=deathball switch. A typical Deathball server commandline reads similar to this:
ucc server DB-Cube?SendStats=True -mod=deathball

Notice the -mod switch. That's the important part. It tells the UT engine to look in your deathball folder for the ini files which contain the necessary path statements to all deathball settings and files.
An alternative way to run a Deathball server is in a MultiMod configuration. There's threads in this server forum that describe that, so if you're interested in trying it, check those threads out. Good info to know either way.
I'm leaving for work within the hour, so if you need further assistance in the next 12+ hours, it's best you email me -- I can't reach any forums/IRC/IMs from work. Hit me at and I will be able to help you while I'm at my job.