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DB2 - Official Public Server for N00bs - 2.4

Posted: 30-11-2005 21:29
by Messy
The DB2 (public) server has the wrong version of DB-Cube up :(

Fix plz!

The only 'proper' pub server doesn't work :(

Posted: 01-12-2005 10:01
by `Ghost`
Theres enough people to play Cube? :p

Yeah Shady mentioned it yesterday

Posted: 12-12-2005 23:24
by Messy
Well, problem's stuck on Cube

So nobody can get on it in the first place o_O

Posted: 16-12-2005 18:52
by DavidM
fixed \o/

Posted: 17-12-2005 16:55
by Messy