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Dedicated server - windows

Posted: 30-04-2006 12:30
by fragetti
I setup a server and when I try to join I get

2k4menu mismatch?

what did I do wrong or did I miss something?

running lastest version 2.4beta


Posted: 30-04-2006 16:32
by Imaginos
Depends on how you're starting the server. I have a lot of documentation in this forum, here's an example: ... adid=15928

Are you running a dedicated Deathball Server, or do you allow multiple gametypes on it? (to include DM, CTF, ONS, etc)

If you are running multiple games, you have to set up the ini (and the mentioned texture files) to allow for that. Otherwise, run the server with the -mod=deathball switch so it uses its own preconfigured ini.

Feel free to hit me up on irc:// if you need help. Also, my IM contacts in profile are ok too.

Posted: 30-04-2006 16:43
by fragetti
hmmm I did do a search too. Missed this :rolleyes:

Great info thank you

Sorry about that :(

Posted: 30-04-2006 16:45
by Imaginos
Anytime. I'm hanging out today so I'm available.. plus, any excuse to put off mowing the lawn is cool with me too. ;)

Posted: 30-04-2006 18:44
by fragetti
I here that brother :)

by the way works great now.