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Deathball 2.4c on a multimod rented server

Posted: 16-07-2006 18:58
by gamoul
Hi all.

I'm tying to run Deathball on a rented multimod server.

I followed the instructions on these topics : ... adid=19121 ... adid=15928

I uploaded the deathball (v2.4d) on my UT2004 folder, copied the .ucl files on UT2004/System/ and added the Path and ServerPackages lines to my ini file.

I also replaces the 3 texture files with the one from

The server now crashes at startup with the folowing error :

Failed to load 'Deathball': Can't find file 'Deathball'

I have to comment the ServerPackages lines to make it work again.

What's wrong ?

Did something change sincs v2.1 ?

Thanks in advance for help.

Posted: 18-07-2006 19:08
by gamoul

this forum seems dead...

Posted: 18-07-2006 23:28
by The_One
A lack of server admins I think.

Posted: 21-07-2006 03:38
by gamoul
Well, I mannaged to make deathball work on my server, by putting DB files in their different folder in the UT folder.

But i'm still waiting for a solution tu run it from its dedicated folder.

Posted: 27-07-2006 14:47
by Imaginos
Howdy. Sorry for letting you hang so long, I've recently retired from the USAF and finding that the abundance of free time I thought I was about to enjoy just isn't happening at all.

I see you've read some of my prior guides, so if you're still out there, I'd love to get a look at the ini you're using so we can try to spot where you are having trouble. If you can upload it somewhere and provide a url link, that would be great.

Posted: 28-07-2006 16:09
by gamoul

THanks for your attention.

I sent you a private messag with more info on my problem.

Posted: 28-07-2006 23:54
by Imaginos
Here is my server configuration :

the deathball server is on the UT2004 folder. I pu the 3 multimod files to the Texture folder of both UT and DB folder.

The Deathball.ucl file has been copied to the UT2004/System/ folder.

The server crash in this configuration. here is the crashlog :

main =>
Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
Browse: ONS-Torlan
Collecting garbage
Purging garbage
Garbage: objects: 42007->41785; refs: 605087
Game class is 'ONSOnslaughtGame'
Failed to load 'deathball': Can't find file 'deathball'
Failed to load 'deathball': Can't find file 'deathball'
Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Failed to load 'deathball': Can't find file 'deathball'

If I remove the 4 "ServerPackage" lines from the ini, the server boots, Deathball is on the game type list, but no maps are found.

THanks if you can help.
Ok, I'm looking over the ini you linked me to in a PM and I can see you have the required entries. The error that results is UT2004 not finding the files for some reason.

I suspect that you are hosting the server on a Mac or Linux machine which isn't forgiving if you have a serverpackage typed out as all lower case and the actual file is capitalized.. ex:
deathball != Deathball

Try this:


Also, the paths would be case sensitive too. Check to see if it really IS the following:


-- OR --


-- etc... --

I hope this fixes you right up!
If not, we may need to dig deeper, I'll be available this weekend to help. Just keep posting here, hit IRC, or IM me via the contacts in my profile.

Posted: 23-12-2006 20:03
by Da Kril
I am looking for the two altered files, 2K4Menus.utx and UT2004Thumbnails.utx.
(I'm putting Deathball on a multimod rented server, and I assume these two files are still a problem in other game types?)

I tried this link:

...but recongamers seem to have taken the phone off the hook permanently?

Can these files be posted somewhere accesible? Or does anyone know where to get the altered versions?

Thanks in advance,
Da Kril

Posted: 31-01-2007 19:48
by drs
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Posted: 01-02-2007 02:18
by beefsack
This is a Deathball forum. Go to here: ... adid=31698

Posted: 01-02-2007 13:42
by Igno
I have same problem as Da Kril. Recongamer link seems to be dead. Would be nice if someone could load the somewhere else or send it via email to me, so I would place it on my space for upcoming searchers.

edit: Forgot mail address ^^

Posted: 01-03-2007 22:42
by JasAce
I have 2 clans trying to setup Deathball on Multimod servers one in Dallas and other in Seattle.

Problem is Does Not Work, and I've searched all over the place to find it, with no luck.

Can SOMEONE please post a working link, I believe that is our only problem to getting it working correctly. I am not the Admin of the servers so I'm afraid if it takes too long to get these running, they might just give up and say forget it.

Thank you for your help! :D

Posted: 14-06-2008 09:26
by torin
Hmmm... I can't find either, but I did find an explanation of how to generate the necessary files.

From the BeyondUnreal forums:

Forcing mods and TCs to work with stock UT2004 files

Cool thing is, the method can be applied to other files/mods with the same problem. \o/