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DB 1.9b?

Posted: 19-03-2008 12:03
by dioX
Hey guys, i just installed ut2k3 + db 1.9b but there's no server online to play on :(
What did happen to all the ut2k3 db players?

maybe anyone has got another ip for me?

greetz dioX

Posted: 19-03-2008 16:27
by The_One
They moved to UT2k4, then they moved to WoW. :)

Posted: 23-03-2008 18:45
by dioX
gibts keine 2k3 server mehr?
voll der mock... naja werd ich mir 2k4 anschaffn müssn^^
sin noch paar von den alten leuten wie titanium usw dabei?

btw ich bins J4cks0n^^

Posted: 26-03-2008 21:41
by Neroje
Why do you change to German all of the sudden? :o