Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?

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Post by EllenChu »

i don't like level 68 >"<

it make my mum scold me .... because it's have sexy pictures

so horrible .... my mum said " ellen , why did you see such pictures? it's not good for you, you still young, and even you are not young , you can't see such pictures, too "

>3< in fact, not i want to see such pictures, but it appear accidentally when i typd 68seven.jpg

moreover, maybe i'm a tradition girl.... so ....
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Post by EllenChu »

and now, i stuck on 68 because i'm scare i will accidently open those pictures again
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Post by triptych_182 »

hmmm, my least favorie one is the level with "The answer is unexpected" pic :eek:

my faves are music-related riddles and level 72 (the cube thingie)


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Post by obsolete machine »

I like the ones that are staring at you in the face but youre trying to hard to solve it that u missinterpret it for a hard level.. like say 21 [or 22] the one with the diff font..and logo that took me ages to figure out its soo simple

hmm what else.. 16 was really nice. 19, i like the anagrams and word play, or alphabet play - basically the easier levels LOL

well my mind is too occupied on level 28 rigth now so back o brain teasing
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Post by potato »

jooly wrote: Least favourite - minus 17. It isn't a riddle.

I agree, level -17 is my least favourite. I never actually solved it - my friend got there first and told me the address for the next level.
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Post by orava »

I loved level 72, it was so much fun to do that cubething :)
I still have it right next to my monitor. I just wish, that it would have more colours ;)
Maybe junimond can colour it... ;)
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Post by Springer »

As DavidM knows, I am going to say I love ALL the levels!
I love learning anything new, no matter how big or how small. You never know when it will come in useful! I've learnt SO much about various progs on the PC (whoever thought I'd be able to find my way around ps) and so many other interesting things too.
I loved the cube level of course, such fun, but I was also quite happy clicking away on -17 for hours!
I just don't know how he keeps managing to come up with ideas but I hope he continues to for a long time to come. :D
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Post by Serendipity »

I have only gotten to 37, and it's hard for me to pick a specific level, but I think I could say that my favorite levels - so far - have been 34 (he needed it to carry on) and 35 (the coordinates). 34 because I solved it really fast ;), and 35 because it was fun to play around with that thing you need to use there. My least favorite ones have been levels 16 (#) and 21 (the color riddle) because I really thought I was losing my mind over them then, and 21 I still don't understand completely... Sometimes you have the feeling that getting to a level's solution is just along your line of thinking, and sometimes the opposite is the case. Lvl 33 (Star Wars) gave me a hard time because I seem to think differently, kind of... :)
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Post by mattf »

what is so special about -31?
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Post by veryhardgame »

-34 was the best level ever! and the hardest
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Post by 1337geek »

My favorite so far has been the one with the rebus puzzle. After a few minutes of going "what the heck?", my friend said, "Wouldn't it be funny if it was for [ha, like I'm going to say it]?" I typed it in, and it worked! We laughed pretty hard after that.
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Post by dogsonacid »

currently on level 33


12 - I turned 2 pics into 1 in 3d, that was awesome on the net

16 - I caught the method as soon as I saw it, it just took time to figure where I was wrong

18 - gave me a chance to mess with my drum machine with built in bass so I got to play along

21 - frustating at first but really cool

32 - nice comic strip
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Post by knyte »

currently on level 47!!! im stuck there so im wastin my time here...

1 and 2 - EZI

the first sound one (14 i think) - its so fun to mess with sound and get an answer...

The keyhole one - i luv that software

The one about fuel - in ever thought i would gat an answer that instantly that far along in the game
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Post by Wayfarer »

If I had to name just one my favorite so far would be 79. Like Alice In Wonderland meets the Matrix!
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Post by vennie »

I"m like level 80,this level is challenge your memory ,find it more letters.oh chicks.
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