Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?

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Post by Apphex »

Level Minus 34.

'nuff said
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Post by Shenmue »

Yeah, level Minus 34 was extremely clever. Frustrating, but fun. :)
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Post by Awelon »

Level 8 and 10 are the coolest this far.. but im only in level 16 :)
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Post by 00000100 »

I LOVED the one with the maze...21 or so...16 was good too, I love cryptography and ciphers of all sort. There may be more, but I'm only on 30 so far =D
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Post by Akik0 »

I'm on 47 so far, so still a lot to "experience" ;)
But I liked 44 + 45 most!

44 cos it was so pink haha. Nah, the riddle was cool, I like confetti :]
45 cos I like languages and it was easy for me to figure it out!

nice job^^

edit: I LOVE #48!!!! The BEST one so far hehehe! thank u david^^
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Post by Iasmim! »

Till now...8 and 10. Loved the "operator woman" ^^
But level 13...for god's sake, what's that? It's ruining my life 0.o
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Post by Ryoga »

definitely 72 :D
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Post by faorlich »

So far 65 (I just solved it). I actually found it pretty easy (though not too much), maybe 'cause that's my favorite type of riddle: no previous knowledge of anything, no long hours researching or figuring out how to use programs; just logic (but I have to admit I've learned stuff I never thought I would in many of the other levels).

Best feeling after solving a level, so far :D
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Post by faorlich »

[QUOTE]Originally posted by DeusExMachina
Yeah, 65 was awesome. 66 was really cool too, although it was kind of easy.

I have to agree, though I found 66 a little harder. Maybe just more time-consuming. All the same, excellent Level!
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Post by -Raiden- »

My favourite level is Mu. I can't tell the reasons cause i don't want to describe how the level is.
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Post by puki »

Currently on lvl 54, tried to write a few things and ... lol ... yea, I really like them :)
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Post by spawn89 »

my favourite levels are:

15 - because i got the solution in less then 5 minutes

16 - because it nearly drove me into insanity, took me 3 days..

21 - i'm on 21 at the moment and it kicks ass 8)

ah and 19 was also cool. not to difficult but i had fun thinkin' about it..
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Post by Chronon »

22 (the answer is unexpected) - got it in about two seconds, but on closer inspection it's a very fun, clever level. while you're racking your brains, you can waste your time both watching that bananaphone thing AND wanking... :)

61 (mail archive) - both an interesting break from the normal notpron format and a type of character and plot based riddle that I'd like to see more of... kind of ARG-ish but on a much smaller scale

80 (bunny hunt) - unlike others, I enjoyed this level... it was pretty easy and a lot of fun.

81 (final level of positive notpron) - definitely my favorite level so far, simply because of that fleeting moment that you finally figure out the answer. you can't help but smile. both at the elegant, clever, simple, unexpected method of solving the level, but also the message conveyed in the answer itself... a fitting end to a great riddle.

-14 (directory listing) - I love/hate this one because it goes against all logic, and everything you've ever learned while playing notpron...

-21 (elephantmode) - hehehe. very clever.

haven't gotten to -34 yet... but I'm both excited for it and dreading it... :|
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Post by Taurah »

The child in me loved level 72, both because it got me to do some cutting and printing and pasting and gluing and my desk was a mess at the end, but also because I thought it was rather cool to have another type of intelligence challenged!
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Post by Sina.Giant »

54 + 62 = great :d you know... but 76 was really cool and neat, don't look at me like that I liked it!

So far 77 levels passed...
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